We have over 60 years combined experience of delivering projects and programmes in the public, private and charitable sectors

Over the years we have provided hands on practical project management services that will resolve roadblocks to successful delivery and ensure that stakeholders are engaged throughout the whole process.

Examples of projects successfully managed by the OMNIsector team:

Design and implementation of a Regional Adoption Agency

Design and implementation of a Regional Adoption Agency as part of the Department for Education’s Regional Adoption programme.

Established and led a number of pan agency cross functional work streams to create the business case by scoping and defining the target operating model, organisational and corporate structures while overseeing the financial modelling and defining the ongoing implementation costs with finance colleagues;

On approval of business case, managed and directed pan agency functional work streams to successfully establish the new organisation – Aspire Adoption – on time and within budget.

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Delivered a Regional Interactive Safety Centre whilst working for in Dorset Police

£1 million Streetwise interactive safety centre, working with all local authorities and police and fire service in Dorset, bringing together over 150 partners to build a village for safety training inside a 10,000sg ft warehouse www.safewise.org

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A National Road Rail Upgrade Programme

£¾ million Space Guard upgrade programme, working with Network Rail, The Vehicle Acceptance Body and UK Road Rail Fleet owners including TXM, Balfour Beatty, Quattro, Readypower and others to role out a National upgrade of Road Rail Vehicles for Adjacent line opening work on the UK rail infrastructure

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Implementation of COSMOS–an in house designed, strategic order-shipping-billing IT system–a critical platform to achieve increased profitability of the Procter & Gamble Cosmetics Division. Co-ordination a project team including customer services, sales, finance, distribution and IT members over a 9-month period leading to a seamless start up while sustaining customer service levels.

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Design and implementation of Share point 2013 and Office 365, MRP and ERP systems to meet ISO 9001 standards

Delivery of new products through the design and development stage trough to tooling and production

Implementation of Trusted Assessor Training to OCN Accredited standards
Managed in the implementation of a large public sector website and driving up visitor numbers

Establishment of the Adult Social Care Provider Services Local Authority Trading Company – led a cross functional project team and worked alongside pan Dorset project team members to successfully establish the new LATC, Tricuro, within the management defined 5-month target to Go Live.

Programme management to implement short-term and long-range strategic regulatory compliance plans by directing, setting priorities and ‘championing’ all aspects of the European Product Compliance (EPC) program for the Wyeth – now Pfizer Havant Product Supply site.