For those projects or programmes that are over and above “business as usual.”

All organisations from time to time experience changes or have projects or programmes that require additional resources to support the business to deliver change goals. There may not be a need to employ a full-time project manager or you may have a new contract or grant funded project that needs managing on a one off, time limited basis.

With many projects and initiatives required at short notice, having resource and/or funding constraints, the service provided by OMNIsector is ideal.

project management

Project management from OMNIsector

“We use tried and tested project management and business change tools and techniques that we can apply and transfer knowledge to your people to support continuous improvement.”

Julie Saunders, Director – OMNIsector Limited

OMNIsector can offer scalable interim project management through a team that has a solid approach to planning and delivering change on time, with budget and with effective use of your resources. Our skills include a solid approach to planning and organisation, and the ability engage and communicate effectively with stakeholders that are impacted by or may have impact on project delivery.

Sometimes, events move so quickly that it is challenging to keep up with the pace of change. As the landscape shifts, your organisation may need immediate access to different management skill sets. We can provide interim operations management with the experience and specialist skills not always found in-house, with proven expertise to deliver change and improve efficiency quickly. Or perhaps you need to free up subject matter experts to participate in projects, but need to maintain the day to day functions, services, or resources.

We can provide hands on, practical interim operational or project management services that will resolve roadblocks to successful delivery and ensure that internal and external customers are engaged as required throughout the whole process.