Lead: Andy Saunders - Project Manager - Dorset Interactive Safety Centre Ltd

andy saundersAndy was seconded from Dorset Police to head up a registered charity and company limited by guarantee to develop, raise capital and project manage the construction of a interactive safety education centre.

The partner local authorities had secured a 10-year lease on an empty 10,000 sq. foot warehouse and time was of the essence to get the centre up and running to optimise a return on public sector funding.

Andy developed a business plan, set the direction on design and build quality and raised the funds and support in kind to enable work to start. By enlisting the support of over 150 businesses and a number of volunteers the centre was completed within 18 months.

Within the warehouse is a life-size fully constructed house, road, shops, park, railway, heath and other scenarios that reflect everyday environments where there are safety risks. Visitors to the centre interact with the help of volunteer tour guides and raise the level of risk awareness and the steps required to stay safe.

At the end of the project - delivered to a tight 12 month timeframe - the centre was handed over to an operational manager.

The project utilised Andy’s skills of identifying the options of support in kind and project segmentation to enable engagement and highlighted what could be achieved by designing a project that optimised participant engagement.

The project plan utilised a Agile methodology enabling it to respond to new opportunities and created options for additional supporters and sponsors. The centre - now known as SafeWise - has grown over the years and now has a sister centre in Weymouth trading under the same brand.