At OMNIsector, we support the improved effectiveness of businesses, charities and local authorities across the south of the UK.

We specialise in helping to build organisational capacity and resilience by enabling and empowering people to work together to achieve desired aims and objectives. So often issues are not the result of a single issue. There will be many factors that combine to create a set of circumstances that result in someone somewhere experiencing a negative effect on their quality of life. At OMNIsector, we have the skills and experience to unpick the problem and identify the generators that can cause the issues and engage people to resolve them themselves.

As well as private, public and third sector organisations, we have extensive experience in enabling community groups to change the world in which they live at a local level.

Our approach is to ensure that elements of the solution are shared, helping people to take on actions that are within their direct sphere of control. We work alongside them so they can see what a difference they can make. This gives them the control to take back the issue and feel more empowered, confident and less vulnerable to circumstance.

We are not a large national consultancy. We are a small team of people who have significant experience of working successfully both at a local level and at a strategic and operational/managerial level. This gives us the skills and know-how to understand the pathway that will allow people affected by a problem to take control and implement a solution.

“Our skills at building capacity and resilience will be particularity helpful to housing associations, public sector organisations or businesses that want to engage with local communities.”

Andy Saunders, MBE – Managing Director, OMNIsector Ltd.

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