andy saundersOver 30 years’ experience of successfully developing, promoting and leading projects and initiatives in the public and private sectors with custom-focused services, continuous improvements and positive results.

Andy has extensive experience working in the charitable sector in particular establishing operating systems and creating opportunities to attract businesses. Managing and income generating for the PPT Ltd, a company and charity set up to enlist support from local organisations and distribute funds and in kind support for Community Safety & Crime Prevention programmes. During his time at the charity Andy established and delivered business services including funding consultancy, marketing consultancy, problem solving training, grant giving and project management. During his time as Business and Trust Manager he was seconded to develop plans for a multi agency safety education charity which included raising sufficient funds to support capital outlay and expenses, raising £1 million financial and “in kind” support and co-ordinated sponsors, while dealing with the day to day management of the operating base. In 2000 Andy received an MBE for this work.

Andy was a founder member of the National Police Forum for Income Generation. In his time working in the public sector he initiated and delivered over 150 community projects

In 2005 Andy was appointed to set up a new marketing and web function for a large public sector organisation to shape the delivery of customer focused services. In 2008, he led the successful development and implementation of a new and improved web site which led to annual increase of unique visitors from 30,000 to 800,000 through a customer journey management programme.

Between 2010 and 2012 Andy drove a project that supports the strategic objectives of delivering customer access to a much faster and efficient service by understanding and mapping the customer “journey” using a “systems thinking” approach. This work involves assessing processes and structures and identifying and making recommendations on opportunities for improvement.

In 2012 Andy worked for Access Dorset and DOTS Disability a user led organisation, helping to put in place business processes and income generation opportunities.

Between 2012 and 2015 Andy worked on a change programme to provide GKD with a solid base for ongoing growth. Andy introduced new IT systems, processes and procedures, HR monitoring, a management team, ethos, a culture of testing and compliance whilst running the day to day operational business. During the programme he took the post of Chief Operating Officer to allow him to drive the changes both within and external to the company.

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